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The Do's
The DO’s on Market days

This is a partial list of Santa Clarita Swap Meet policies. For a complete list, please review the Rules and Regulations
  • Set your alarm and arrive early! Gates open for pre-reserved sellers at 5:30 am. Spaces not occupied by 7:00 am will be released to other sellers.
  • To enter The Market, you will need your valid Rental Agreement and your California Driver’s License. Someone over the age 18 must be present to sell.
  • Park your vehicle within the boundaries of your assigned space. The aisles must be clear by 8:00 am. Make room for the shoppers!!
  • Keep your vehicle on your space until the close of business (2:00 pm on Sundays; 12:00 pm on Tuesdays) to keep our pedestrians safe.
  • Vehicles may not drive in and out to unload merchandise and you can't walk stuff in the door. Bring it in your car.
  • Bring your employees with you in your vehicle to avoid a shopper admission fee.
  • Leave your pets at home.
  • To keep shoppers and other vendors safe, please secure all canopies, poles, tarps, signs, and merchandise at all times. Coverings require a weight of at least 25 pounds on each corner. Bungee cords aren’t enough, bring straps. Please review the Tent Tie Down page.
  • Be sure to display your Rental Agreement and California Seller’s Permit in your space every selling day.
  • As a service to shoppers, your refund, exchange or return policy should be prominently displayed.
  • Other sellers and shoppers may not share your taste in music. Be considerate and maintain acceptable sound levels. Since we are a family event, we ask you to avoid any explicit or offensive lyrics.
  • Keep all merchandise, advertising, and sales activities within the marked boundaries of your space.
  • Leave your space broom clean. If you hauled it in, please make sure to drag it out.
  • Vacate the premises by 4:00 pm, unless you want to pay the site’s staff for overtime.
  • If this will be your first visit to our market as a seller, read the First Timer’s Checklist for some helpful advice.